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Robert Cerny

Author of

Connecting Topincs Using transclusion to ...

by Robert Cerny 


Topincs is a software system for agile and distributed knowledge management on top of the common web infrastructure and the Topic Maps Data Model. …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

JSON Topic Maps 1.0

by Robert Cerny 


JSON Topic Maps (JTM) 1.0 is a notation for the Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM) in JSON. It is meant for machine exchange of topic maps. This document …

Topincs - A RESTful Web Service Interface ...

by Robert Cerny 


Topincs is a RESTful web service interface for retrieval and manipulation of topic maps. It allows the creation and publication of information in a …

Was presented at TMRA 2006.

Topincs Wiki – A Topic Maps Powered Wiki

by Robert Cerny 


Topincs provides a RESTful web service interface for retrieval and manipulation of topic maps. A Topincs Server implementing the interface can host …

Was presented at TMRA 2007.

Author of

Topincs showcase video

by Robert Cerny


Introduction to the web database Topincs.

Is about Topincs - a web.. .

Project Leader of

Topincs - a web database software

is a {{project}}.


Topincs puts data on the web. It is a free open source software for quick access and editing of data in the web browser.

Visit homepage of Topincs - a web ...

JSON Topic Maps Online Validation

is a {{project}}.


This validator helps to validate a topic maps fragment written in the JSON Topic Maps (JTM) notation.

Visit homepage of JSON Topic Maps ...


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The first priority of H-maps is the simplicity of usage. Hereby issues of technology and science can be dealt effectively – while ensuring consistent compliance with the Topic Maps standards.

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