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Dr. Robert Barta

Author of

Virtual File System on top of Topic Maps

by Robert Barta 


The UNIX file system provides a robust framework to abstract away from technical differences between various storage media. This work summarizes …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Knowledge-oriented middleware using Topic ...

by Robert Barta 


In this work we present an architectural overview over a knowledge-based middleware based on Topic Maps. In that, we exploit the TM paradigm as much …

Was presented at TMRA 2007.

Is He The One? Subject Identification in ...

by Robert Barta 


Topic Map content is about things (subjects) be they tangible things like physical objects like a particular car, or abstractions like the class …

AsTMa! Topic Map Processing

by Robert Barta 


Whenever Topic Maps are authored, they might have to follow a particular structure. In the same way as relational databases are constrained by …

Towards a Formal TMQL Semantics

by Robert Barta 


TMQL, the upcoming standardized Topic Maps query language, may become the main work horse for semantic web applications based on the Topic Maps …

Was presented at TMRA 2006.

TMQL Overview

by Robert Barta 


TMQL, the query language to query Topic Map oriented information, slowly inches towards standardization. This document provides an overview over the …

Topic Maps Query Language

by Lars Marius Garshol and Robert Barta 


This International Standard defines a formal language for accessing information organized according to the Topic Maps paradigm. This document …

Topic Maps Reference Model

by Robert Barta, Steven R. Newcomb, ...  


This Standard defines TMRM (Topic Maps Reference Model), which is more abstract and has fewer ontological commitments. Its purpose is to serve as a …

Announce: Perl TM::Easy

by Robert Barta 


On the flight back to Vienna I have created TM::Easy which carries quite some ideas from Mappa and also got some inspiration from RTM. The basic …

Perl TM Tutorial: As Low as it Gets (Part I)

by Robert Barta 


This section covers the lowest-level data structure of the Perl TM package. That layer may not be overly comfortable, but is useful to know if you …

Perl TM Tutorial: As Low as it Gets (Part ...

by Robert Barta 


Compared to toplets, assertions are more complicated. They are also more interesting as they carry the connections between toplets and between …

Perl TM Tutorial: As Low as it Gets (Part ...

by Robert Barta 


Looking up assertions with match_forall works, but is cumbersome if you just want to find instances, types, subtypes or supertypes of a given …

Perl TM Tutorial: As Low as it Gets (Part ...

by Robert Barta 


Before we move to higher-level aspects, there are two important functionalities which deal with topic maps as a whole: merging maps and taking the …

Perl TM Tutorial: Traits Good, Classes Bad ...

by Robert Barta 


In the context of Topic Maps I have used traits to extend the behaviour of the base class TM. One typical example would be TM::Graph which extends …

An Introduction to TMAPI

by Robert Barta and Oliver Leimig 


There are several software packages for Java developers when they need to develop applications using XML Topic Maps. There are some proprietary …

Proposal to remove variants in 13250-2 ...

by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer 


In Atlanta the committee members decided that the Topic Maps – XML Syntax XTM 1.1 need not be backwards compatible to XTM 1.0. The namespace for …

AsTMa= Authoring Tutorial

by Robert Barta 


Since the stabilisation of XTM, an XML-based notation for Topic Maps, the interest in authoring Topic Maps has increased. While the automatic …

AsTMa* Language Family

by Robert Barta 


To address some aspects of knowledge engineering with Topic Maps, the AsTMa* language family was created. The objective was to define a set of …

AsTMa? Language Definition

by Robert Barta 


Information organised in a Topic Map repository should be retrievable by an appropriate query language. Such a query language, AsTMa?, is proposed …

AsTMa! Language Definition

by Robert Barta 


Constraining Topic Map™ instances is a necessary component of TM engineering. To make these constraints explicit we propose a Topic Map …

AsTMa* Topic Map Engineering (Part I)

by Robert Barta 


When working with Topic Maps the first concern is to author one. In this process various decisions have to be made how to build a map consistently …

AsTMa* Topic Map Engineering (Part II)

by Robert Barta 


In the previous installment we concentrated on how to encode literature information into a topic map. During this process we had to commit …

AsTMa= Language Issues

by Robert Barta 


AsTMa= has been specified as a shorthand notation for Topic Map data. It was not meant as a substitute for XTM, the only official notation, as it …

AsTMa= Language Definition

by Robert Barta 


AsTMa= belongs to a set of languages which should support Topic Map engineering. The authoring language AsTMa= itself is optimized for human …

AsTMa? TMQL Use Case Coverage

by Robert Barta 


This document presents possible solutions to the use cases outlined in the TMQL Use Case document.

Topic Map Query Language, Use Cases

by Robert Barta and Lars Marius Garshol 


This document is part of the effort to define a standard query language for Topic Maps (TMQL, ISO18048) and as such describes possible use scenarios …

SQL as TM Query Language? No, thanks!

by Robert Barta 


Quite a number of people store their topic maps in relational databases. This is all well and good, but when it comes to retrieving the content …

TMIP, A RESTful Topic Maps Interaction ...

by Robert Barta 


In this work a TM aware protocol following the REST paradigm is introduced. It enables clients to access TM backends over a network regardless of …

AsTMa= 2.0 Language Definition

by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer 


Topic Map engineering includes several activities, one of them being authoring of maps. The authoring language AsTMa= itself is designed for human …

A TMDM Disclosure Using T+

by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer 


Both the more pragmatic Topic Map data model (TMDM) and the more fundamental Topic Map Reference Model (TMRM), have reached now a certain degree of …

Was presented at TMRA 2005.

The tau Model, Formalizing Topic Maps

by Robert Barta and Gernot Salzer 


This paper presents a formalization for Topic Maps™.We first simplify TMRM, the current ISO standard proposal for a TM reference model and then …

TMQL requirements 1.2.0

by Lars Marius Garshol and Robert Barta 


This document provides informal requirements and feature lists for the upcoming ISO standard TMQL (Topic Map Query Language, ISO/IEC 18048). It …

TMQL Use Case Solutions

by Lars Marius Garshol and Robert Barta 


This document collects solutions to the TMQL use cases in different languages into a single document for comparison purposes. The idea is that …

Autogeneous Authorization Framework for ...

by Robert Barta and Markus W. Schranz 


Conventional content management systems (CMSes) consider user management, specifically authorization to modify content objects to be orthogonal to …

Virtual and Federated Topic Maps

by Robert Barta 


This publication will be completed as soon as possible.

A Use-Case for Topic Maps

by Robert Barta 


This publication will be completed as soon as possible.

Semantic-Enabled Transformation Framework ...

by Robert Barta and Thomas Bleier 


Conventional processing of time series is done along a split horizon: on the one hand it has to handle quantitative data organized along the time …

Semantically Enabled SOS with Topic Maps

by Robert Barta and Thomas Bleier 


Sensor Web Sensor Web Enablement is a consistent standardization effort of the OGC (Open Geo Consortium) to cope with an environment of pervasive …

Pidgin English for Topic Maps Knowledge ...

by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer 


This paper introduces a new generation of the AsTMa= notation which has evolved from earlier versions based on usage patterns from novices and …

Was presented at Topic Maps 2007.

Editor of

Topic Maps — Query Language 

Edited by Robert Barta and Lars Marius Garshol.


This International Standard defines a formal language for accessing information organized according to the Topic Maps paradigm. This document provides syntax to form valid query …

Topic Maps — Reference Model 

Edited by Steven R. Newcomb, Patrick Durusau, ... .


The TMRM (Topic Maps Reference Model) is more abstract and has fewer ontological commitments than the TMDM. Its purpose is to serve as a minimal, conceptual foundation for …

Project Leader of

Perl XTM Engine (superseeded by PerlTM)

is a {{project}}.


Perl XTM Engine is superseeded by "PerlTM":/projects/PerlTM ! perl-tm isa cpan-package http://search.cpan.org/dist/TM/ ! Perl ...

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Speaker at

AToMS 2006

Conference at {{start}}


AToMS, Asian Topic Maps Summit, 2006 was a one-day conference devoted to Topic Maps. The conference was organized by the two Korean standards …

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Topic Maps helped us not only to overcome the difficulties with information organization, but they also opened us a way for presenting the content in a structured and easy navigable way.

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