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Knowledge Sharing and Integration using ...

by Reidar Bratsberg 


Naturfag.no and Viten.no are two electronic resources for science education aimed at teachers and …

Was presented at Topic Maps Norway ....

Semantic mashup with Subj3ct.com and Topic ...

by Graham Moore and Reidar Bratsberg 


This presentation demonstrates doing linked data between NRK Skole (educational videos) and Naturfag.no (learning resources in science) using Topic …

Was presented at Topic Maps 2010 ....

Modelling IMS QTI with Topic Maps

by Reidar Bratsberg, Jan Schreiber, ...  


IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI)1 is a specification for use in e-learning applications. It describes a data model for the representation …

Was presented at TMRA 2010.

Project Member of

CTM/LTM syntax highlighting

is a {{project}}.


CTM and LTM syntax highlighting plugins for VIM and Emacs.

Visit homepage of CTM/LTM syntax ...


is a {{project}}.


Libtmrm is a C library that implements the Topic Maps Reference Model (ISO 13250-5). It implements an interface to subject maps, including functions ...

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Speaker at

Topic Maps Norway 2009

Conference from {{start}} to {{end}}


This will be the seventh Topic Maps conference in Oslo since 2002, and the conference profile is a bit different from last years international …

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