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Ralf Eilbracht

Telephone: +49 (0)711 912 604 66
Email: ralf.eilbracht@nexxor.de

Author of

Topic Maps as Application Data Model for ...

by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, ...  


Today most applications operate on backends with application specific data models. In contrast to this, we suggest modelling application specific …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

H14-Navigator Uses Topic Maps as ...

by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, ...  


The web application H14-Navigator provides metadata and the results of the H14 European ring test on ecotoxicity of waste from an entirely Topic …

Topic Maps for improved access to and use ...

by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, ...  


Information delivery via web-based access to databases is ubiquitous. Nevertheless, the wealth of information held in many of these resources is …

Topic Maps for subject-centric publishing ...

by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, ...  


Content management systems (CMS) based on document-centric information architectures come with high costs of linking content between documents. …

Was presented at TMRA 2010.

Topic Maps as a solution for mapping ...

by Ralf Eilbracht, Anja Kries, and M. Weiß 


Numerous efforts are being made to store descriptive morphological data in databases. However, these efforts are often hampered by the tremendous …

Project Leader of

topicWorks Excel-Plugin

is a {{project}}.


The topicWorks Excel-Plugin allows a seamless integration of a topicmapsforge instance with Excel.

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Project Member of


is a {{project}}.


TMAPI.Net is a collection of programming interfaces to access data hold in a topic map based on TMAPI 2.0 (http://www.tmapi.org).

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BioRegio STERN-Navigator

is a {{project}}.


The web based application "BioRegio STERN-Navigator" improves access to information about companies and institutes of the biotech and medtech ...

Visit homepage of BioRegio ...


is a {{project}}.


Topicmapsforge.org is a show case for Topic Maps technologies. A bunch of high quality topic maps is published with customized user interfaces. ...

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is a {{project}}.


The PivotViewer makes use of "Microsoft's Pivot":http://www.getpivot.com/ to provide visual search in faceted style in topic maps. "In this blog ...

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In Musica migrans we mapped the life courses of musicians in the 19th century. Topic Maps provides us the flexibility we need to model the diversity in the lives of the artists.

Lutz Maicher
Musica Migrans
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