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Nikita Ogievetsky, president of Cogitech Inc., is an expert in Information Architecture, Data Modeling and Knowledge Sharing and Visualization.

Author of

Creating and Maintaining Enterprise Web ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


Enterprise Web Sites maintenance can be robust and straightforward. This chapter shows that using topic maps as the source code or site map of a Web …

Hands-on Topic Maps Ontology Modeling and ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


This presentation shows how an arbitrary Topic Map document can be translated into an RDF representation so that it can be validated against a …

XML Topic Maps through RDF Glasses

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


The information represented in a topic map, expressed in one of the XML interchange syntaxes for topic maps, can, at some level of detail, be …

Building Dynamic Web Sites with Topic Maps ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


This presentation states that Topic Map offers powerful ways of describing universe of interconnected resources.

XSLT stylesheets for converting ISO 13250 ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


In the past several years a large number of sample Topic Map documents were donated by Topic Maps vendors to the public domain. The ISO/IEC

Content repurposing with Topic Maps: a real ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky and Roger Sperberg 


The presented approach shows how a Topic Map comprised of numerous merged indexes and classifications can be used for navigation and, most …

Tabular Topic Map repository framework: ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky and Terry Badger 


This presentation shows how standard spreadsheet software, such as Excel, can be used as an enterprise Topic Map repository and an affordable and …

BookBuilder: Content Repurposing with Topic ...

by Nikita Ogievetsky 


This presentation describes a solution developed at Aspen Publishers which uses Topic Maps technology for multidimensional indexing and …


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