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Myongho “LEE” Yi is an Assistant Professor at the School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman’s University , where he teaches Information Storage and Retrieval Systems. Yi’s research focuses on information organization (implementation and evaluation of traditional and emerging information organization approaches such as index, thesaurus, taxonomy, semantic web, and ontology) to enhance information access and use.

Author of

A Topic Maps-based ontology IR system ...

by Myongho Yi and Sam Oh 


Most clustering methods for information retrieval application do not work efficiently when dealing with complicated data. In this paper, we compare …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Information organization and retrieval ...

by Myongho Yi 


As information becomes richer and more complex, alternative information-organization methods are needed to more effectively and efficiently …

Maximize e-learning using Topic Maps-based ...

by Myongho Yi 


In digital age, most resources we are using are hyperlinked. This paper is a report on the findings of a study conducted on a user performance …

Maximizing Collaboration Using Topic ...

by Myongho Yi 


Enhanced information organization is more critical than ever in the digital world where ill-structured information is increasing because of the …

Minimizing Cultural Differences using ...

by Myongho Yi 


Most information retrieval systems are dependent on users entering terms and initiating a search; however, these terms may or may not match those in …

Topic Maps-based Ontology and Semantic Web ...

by Myongho Yi 


Everyday, we engage in the use of networked information systems and websites to search for information. Whatever information users search for, it is …


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