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Michael Prilop

Telefon: +49-341-97-32297
E-Mail: prilop@informatik.uni-leipzig.de

Johannisgasse 26, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

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Michael is studying computer sciences at the university of leipzig. He worked for the Topic Maps Lab working group from mid 2008 until the end of phase II in 2011.

He is currently supporting Lutz Maicher at the Fraunhofer MOEZ in creating a Data Dissemination working group and is carrying on work for the befdata portal.

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Maiana - a social Topic Maps browser

von Lutz Maicher, Marcel Hoyer und Michael Prilop 


The Maiana team introduces the first release of a new social Topic Maps browser.

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

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Soft launch of the new Topic Maps Lab ...

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The new portal of the Topic Maps Lab is launched today.

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Topic Maps Lab FEEDing Subj3ct.com

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Subj3ct.com a new Subject Identity Resolution Service, gathering collections of identifiers, is supported by the labs atom feed.

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Topic Maps Lab juggling RDFa for Googles ...

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With Google introducing rich snippets into their search results we had a good reason to enrich our site with RDFa markup thereby semantically …

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Explore the Topic Maps Lab portal with the ...

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The Topic Maps Lab portal provides a new subject-centric full text search which supports the user to explore the full Topic Maps knowledge available …

Maiana February Release

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Today, the Maiana team released the first 2011 version of Maiana. After forgoing the January release because of open issues we are now presenting …

Themen sind Maiana und CeBIT 2011.

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Das Topic Maps Lab im Überblick



Gefördert durch das BMBF haben sich im Topic Maps Lab unter der Leitung von Dr. Lutz Maicher die Universität Leipzig (Prof. Dr. G. Heyer) und die …

Themen sind Michael Prilop, ...

The Topic Maps Lab Team



Phase II of the Topic Maps Lab venture was started in Mai 2009. This is a list of its current and former members.

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Topic Maps Lab Community Portal



A new Topic Maps community portal, which based on Topic Maps technologies.

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Maiana - Yet another generic topic maps browser? Yes, but it's social :) *What it is?* Maiana is the most efficient service to host, explore and ...

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The Chinese-European DFG Research Unit “BEF China” (FOR 891) has started a new forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (BEF) experiment in ...


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