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Dr. Leo Obrst is a principal artificial intelligence scientist in the Information Discovery and Understanding department at MITRE’s (www.mitre.org) Command and Control Center, where he created and led, but now advises the Information Semantics Group (semantics, ontological engineering, knowledge representation and management), and has been involved in projects on Semantic Web rule/ontology interaction, context-based semantic interoperability, ontology-based knowledge management, conceptual search and information retrieval, metadata and taxonomy/thesaurus construction for community knowledge sharing, intelligent agent technology, semantic support for natural language processing, and ontology-based modeling of complex decision-making. He is also currently involved in many US federal government efforts to establish Communities of Interest (COI) vocabularies and ontoloiges for information sharing, including the development of universal and common models which span those COIs.

Author of

Knowledge Representation, Ontological ...

by Leo Obrst and Howard Liu 


Consider the typical manner in which people currently use the Web browsers. They click to link to a document for which they’ve either searched, …


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