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Lars Johnsen

Email: Larsjo@sitkom.sdu.dk

Author of

National Data Standardization: A Place for ...

by Lars Johnsen 


This paper deals with national data standardization efforts in Denmark and discusses the role Topic Maps – and topic maps – may play in a new …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Open Educational Topic Maps: A ...

by Lars Johnsen 


This article makes the case for a text-oriented approach to the creation and presentation of open Topic Maps based information architectures for …

Was presented at TMRA 2007.

Topic Maps: From Information to Discourse ...

by Lars Johnsen 


Topic Maps is a standards-based technology and model for organizing and integrating digital information in a range of applications and domains. …

Et Tu, Brute? Topic Maps and Discourse ...

by Lars Johnsen 


Arguably, to count as a truly semantic technology Topic Maps should not only be capable of encoding the meaning of individual propositions but also …


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