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Born 1967 in Berlin. Develops software since 1980. CHIP programming award in 1985.
1988-1995 study of computer science (focus on AI and software engineering) and
linguistics at Technical University Berlin. Fellow at Research Centers for Network
Technologies and Multimedia Applications under Prof. Rebensburg. Professional software
developer in the areas of knowledge management, e-learning, and learning management.
Lead developer of artfacts.net, the world’s largest portal for modern and contemporary art.
Since 2005 CTO of the DeepaMehta company. Best-Practice awards for DeepaMehta of
D21 and we make IT Berlin.Brandenburg initiatives.

Author of

DeepaMehta — A Semantic Desktop

by Jörg Richter, Max Völkel, and Heiko Haller 


DeepaMehta is an open source semantic desktop application based on the topic maps standard. It’s conceptualisation and especially the innovative …

DeepaMehta — Another Computer is Possible

by Jörg Richter and Jurij Poelchau 


The DeepaMehta data model is inspired by ISO 13250 Topic Maps but has extensions to incorporate RDF-like features. DeepaMehta has the potential to …

Project Leader of


is a {{project}}.


DeepaMehta is a software platform for for collaboration and Knowledge Management. Knowledge is represented in a semantic network and is handled ...

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The first priority of H-maps is the simplicity of usage. Hereby issues of technology and science can be dealt effectively – while ensuring consistent compliance with the Topic Maps standards.

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