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Gabriel Hopmans

Author of


by Gabriel Hopmans 


This presentation is about idSpace, its members and supporters. Former, current and forthcoming projects are introduced as well.

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Topic Maps - Compact Syntax

by Dmitry Bogachev, Lars Heuer, ...  


CTM (Compact Topic Maps) is a text-based notation for representing topic maps. It provides a simple, lightweight notation that complements the …

Topic Maps for European Administrative ...

by Gabriel Hopmans, Peter-Paul Kruijsen, ...  


This work-in-progress report describes the requirements for a “European Administrative Nomenclature” network. It addresses the research topic of …

Was presented at TMRA 2005.

Compact syntax for Topic Maps (CTM)

by Gabriel Hopmans and Sam Oh 


This presentation wants to initiate a discussion about the needs and requirements for the Topic Maps Compact Syntax. An Introduction about the needs …

TopicView and Terrorist Ontologies in OWL ...

by Gabriel Hopmans 


Morpheus developed several enterprise intelligence tools in a first project for the Dutch Police to support analysts in their processes. In the …

Was presented at Topic Maps 2007.

Mapping Information Processes at House of ...

by Gabriel Hopmans 


In 2007, the Norwegian Parliament renewed their portal and used Topic Maps so that users would be able to quickly find publications and information …

Was presented at Practical Semantics ....

Federation of Police Intelligence ...

by Peter-Paul Kruijsen and Gabriel Hopmans 


TopicView, used by the Dutch police, federates multiple existing data sources in one tool, provides a way to merge systems in a non-intrusive way …

Was presented at Practical Semantics ....

Editor of

Topic Maps — Compact Syntax (CTM, ISO ... 

Edited by Dmitry Bogachev, Gabriel Hopmans, ... .


CTM (Compact Topic Maps) is a text-based notation for representing topic maps.

Project Leader of


is a {{project}}.


A information management system based on Topic Maps, implemented by Morpheus Kennistechnologie for the police of Amsterdam Amstelland.

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Chair of

Practical Semantics - Seminar in Utrecht

Meeting at {{start}}


Practical Semantics – Solutions for Security, Intelligence, Science, Government and Business Advantage Who should attend? Department and team …

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Topic Maps aware search adds an important and efficient access path both to information, and to the knowledge represented in our application systems.

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