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Eric Freese

Author of

Using Topic Maps for the representation, ...

by Eric Freese 


In the AI (artificial intelligence) arena, there is a knowledge representation technique called a semantic network. A semantic network is created …

So why aren’t Topic Maps ruling the world?

by Eric Freese 


This paper raises some issues and questions intended to spark debate, raise some hackles and spur action. It may upset some people in the process, …

Using DAML+OIL as a Constraint Language for ...

by Eric Freese 


Knowledge management has become the hot new buzzword. Standards such as topic maps and Resource Description Framework (RDF) have been created to …

Topic Maps and RDF

by Eric Freese 


This chapter introduces the Resource Description Framework (RDF). RDF is a W3C recommendation that enables the encoding, exchange, and reuse of …

Taking Topic Maps to the Nth dimension

by Eric Freese 


A topic map-based system is being developed that will allow users to narrow a catalog of over 36,000 different sources to a manageable level by …

Topic Maps as Semantic Networks

by Eric Freese 


In science fiction movies and television shows, past and present, humans of the future are often shown interacting with computers to receive …

Natural language processing in Topic Maps

by Eric Freese 


The creation of topic maps can be quite labor-intensive, and those who create topic maps are therefore powerfully motivated to apply techniques that …

Topic Maps and Semantic Networks

by Eric Freese 


In science fiction movies and television shows, past ans present, humans of the future often interact with computers to receive information built …

Real World Applications of Topic Maps

by Eric Freese and Joshua Holm 


Since the adoption of the topic map ISO standard in 2000 and the release of the XTM specification earlier this year, topic maps have gotten a great …


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