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David Damen

David Damen is senior software engineer at Space Applications Services, Belgium.

Author of

Creating Topic Maps Ontologies for Space ...

by David Damen, Rani Pinchuk, and Bernard Fontaine 


This paper outlines the design process that is used to create Topic Maps Ontologies for space experiments in a wide range of scientific disciplines. …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Putting Topic Maps to REST

by David Damen and Maria Patriksson 


We introduce rest-tm, a speci cation for a topic map engine that fully conforms to the constraints of REST. Rest-tm meets the need of several use …

Large, Distributed & Diverse Data Sets – ...

by David Damen 


Easily identifying and accessing the information needed in large, distributed and diverse multimedia data sets is a well known challenge. An example …

Was presented at Practical Semantics ....

Federation of Data – Space Payloads Data

by David Damen 


Larger organizations often have specialized and voluminous data sets which are under-utilised. Such is the situation with space science …

Was presented at Practical Semantics ....

Towards a Flexible Semantic Framework for ...

by David Damen and Tim Van den Bulcke 


Clinical trials are conducted extensively in clinical research. Most often, the eligibility screening consists of manually reviewing individual …

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