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Christoph Ludwig

Author of

Isidor-UI: Generating a User Interface with ...

by Christoph Ludwig, Marc Wilhelm Küster, ...  


By now Open Source Topic Engines exist in abundance { TM4J and OKS for Java, RTM for Ruby, Mappa for Python, Topincs for PHP, Isidorus for Common …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Versioning in distributed semantic ...

by Graham Moore, Marc Wilhelm Küster, ...  


Change is a constant (not only) in the Semantic Web. Both instance data and ontologies evolve. These changes are a piecemeal process, morphing from …


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The idea of Topic Maps is essential to enable dynamic information logistic. This requires a system that understands the context of the user to provide relevant informations and options automatically. Therefore semantic analysis is needed organizing content in a dynamic net structure.

Jörg Wurzer
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab