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Christian Haß

Email: hass@informatik.uni-leipzig.de

Johannisgasse 26, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

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Author of

Aranuka - A POJO to Topic Maps mapping ...

by Christian Haß and Hannes Niederhausen 


Frameworks like Hibernate offer an abstraction of the database schemas and provide a facility to generate bindings between the application model and …

Was presented at Topic Maps 2010 ....

Live Integration Framework

by Christian Haß and Sven Krosse 


In the last years the philosophies of open and linked data became more popular. Unfortunately most application are storing their data within …

Was presented at TMRA 2010.

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Christian Haß joins the Topic Maps Lab

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Christian Haß joins the Topic Maps Lab

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Das Topic Maps Lab im Überblick



Gefördert durch das BMBF haben sich im Topic Maps Lab unter der Leitung von Dr. Lutz Maicher die Universität Leipzig (Prof. Dr. G. Heyer) und die …

Is about Michael Prilop, ...

The Topic Maps Lab Team



Phase II of the Topic Maps Lab venture was started in Mai 2009. This is a list of its current and former members.

Is about Lutz Maicher, ...

Project Leader of

TMCL validator

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The Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL, ISO 19756) is a language defined to specify constraints and schemas for topic maps. The TMCL validator ...

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Aranuka is a java object to topic map mapper. It specifies a set of java annotations and provides classes to persist the annotated java objects into ...

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Live Integration Framework

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The Live Integration Framework uses Topic Maps to provide a subject centric view on data from various heterogeneous data sources.


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MaJorToM is more than just a Topic Maps engine, it's a kind of philosophy of designing an independent Topic Maps engine. The MaJorToM API extends ...

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Topic Maps is a quick and easy way to implement knowledge management into solutions, the ISO standard has proven itself time-and-time again in business, organizations and government.

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