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RDF/XTM Ontology Construction Based on a ...

by Ing-Xiang Chen, Cheng-Zen Yang, ...  


Ontology construction plays an important role in many semantically working environments, such as knowledge management systems and digital …

XRVAT: An RDF/XTM Integrated Authoring Tool ...

by Ing-Xiang Chen, Chun-Hua Chou, ...  


This publication will be completed as soon as possible!

A Topic Maps-based Visual Authoring ...

by Ing-Xiang Chen, Chun-Hua Chou, ...  


This publication will be completed as soon as possible!

Extensions for Integrated Queries on ...

by Cheng-Zen Yang, Ing-Xiang Chen, and Jia-Da Ye 


Semantic Web query languages are designed to carry out the machine understandability of the Semantic Web. However, most popular Semantic Web query …


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