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Author of

A Formal Model for Topic Maps

by Pascal Auillans, Patrice Ossona de Mendez, ...  


Topic maps have been developed in order to represent the structures of relationships between subjects, independently of resources documenting them, …

From Implicit Patterns to Explicit ...

by Bernard Vatant 


Claims for Topic Maps interoperability have been standing so far on formal representation of subjects by topics, and identification of topics by …

SolSysTM, a layered Solar System Topic Map

by Bernard Vatant 


A topic map view of some Solar System objects, illustrating the previous model – including XTM file and some graphics. The topic map is organized …

HG4TM - Hypergraph for Topic Maps

by Bernard Vatant 


This document is an attempt to express the Reference Model for Topic Maps (RM4TM) using Graph Theory. It follows a previous proposal fully developed …

Binding Points for Subject Identity. The ...

by Bernard Vatant 


Exchanging information about a subject with semantic tools, and singularly topic maps, demands both human and computer readable ways of agreement …

Subject Identity Discrimination Properties ...

by Bernard Vatant 


The rationale is that so far both Topic Maps and RDF (hence OWL) use a very restrictive way of establishing subject identity : use of a single …

Draft Proposal for Topic Map Published ...

by Bernard Vatant 


Publishers are not likely to document individual independent subjects, but rather sets of subjects, relevant to a consistent domain of application, …

Managing complex environments with Topic ...

by Bernard Vatant 


The Topic Maps standard, as expressed in XTM 1.0 specification, contains no explicit guidelines for effective building of consistent and meaningful …

Ontology-driven topic maps

by Bernard Vatant 


Both topic maps specifications and literature have implicitly or explicitly presented the standard as ‘ontology-agnostic’, meaning they are able to …


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In Musica migrans we mapped the life courses of musicians in the 19th century. Topic Maps provides us the flexibility we need to model the diversity in the lives of the artists.

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