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Benjamin Bock

Telefon: +49-341-97-32298
Fax: +49-341-97-32299
E-Mail: bock@informatik.uni-leipzig.de

Johannisgasse 26, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

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ActiveTM: A Topic Maps – Object Mapper

von Benjamin Bock 


Currently, the most common way to programmatically access Topic Maps data is the use of a Topic Maps API, like TMAPI. Another approach, besides the …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Automatic Extraction of Topic Maps based ...

von Benjamin Bock, Lutz Maicher und Marco Büchler, ...  


With argumentation trails we introduce an approach of finding relevant associations between arbitrary terms. An argumentation trail between two …

Enhancing Customer Relationship Management ...

von Jenny Müller, Arnim Bleier und Benjamin Bock, ...  


In most companies the landscape of used computer software is very heterogeneous; this causes a need for data integration. This is especially …

A step towards TMDM 3.0

von Benjamin Bock, Robert Barta und Xuân Baldauf, ...  


Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Story Driven Development

von Benjamin Bock und Lutz Maicher 


It is proposed that Story Driven Development consists of the following four steps: 1) catch the peoples’ stories, 2) identify them, 3) model them …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Ruby Topic Maps

von Benjamin Bock 


Ruby Topic Maps (RTM) is a Topic Maps engine created in and for the Ruby programming language. Its focus is an intuitive and easy to use interface, …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2007.

Implementing TMQL for teaching: The ...

von Benjamin Bock und Sven Krosse 


Here are a lot of voices claiming, the current TMQL draft is too hard to understand and to implement. We argue that it is not the content but the …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

ActiveTM - The Factory for ...

von Lutz Maicher und Benjamin Bock 


Our goal is increasing the users’ value and experience and decreasing the implementation time for web portals. To achieve this goal we adopt a …

JRuby Topic Maps

von Arnim Bleier, Benjamin Bock und Uta Schulze, ...  


The Topic Maps Application Programming Interface (TMAPI) provides a standardized way for working with Topic Maps, but only in Java. TMAPI

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

Topic Maps run from XML and is coming back ...

von Benjamin Bock, Sven Krosse und Lutz Maicher 


In its history, Topic Maps developed from a syntax-based standard to a pure data model without any syntax defined within its core data model. The …

Von Platon zu Alexander dem Großen - ...

von Marco Büchler, Frederik Baumgardt, ...  


Mit dem exponentiellen Wachstum von digital zur Verfügung stehenden Texten wächst auch die Notwendigkeit nach immer effektiveren …

Topic-Maps-Middleware. Modellgetriebene ...

von Benjamin Bock 


THIS THESIS IS IN GERMAN! Since its inception, the Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM) is the foundation for the development of Topic Maps engines. A …

JRuby Topic Maps: Using Ontopia in a Ruby ...

von Benjamin Bock 


Have you ever created a Topic Maps application and it took just too much time? Have you ever created a Rails web portal and wondered, if you could …

Wurde präsentiert auf Topic Maps 2010 ....

SesameTM: Building Topic Maps on RDF

von Arnim Bleier, Lutz Maicher und Benjamin Bock 


Over the past decade RDF has developed to become the dominant standard for representation and interchange of structured data on the web. In portal …

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Neue Version von Ruby Topic Maps (RTM): ...

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


Kleines Update. Einige Fehler aus dem letzten Release wurden behoben.

Thema ist Ruby Topic Maps.

Soft launch of the new Topic Maps Lab ...

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


The new portal of the Topic Maps Lab is launched today.

Thema ist Topic Maps Lab.. .

Topic Maps Lab at ISO meeting in Prague

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


Benjamin Bock and Hannes Niederhausen from the Topic Maps Lab work on the Topic Maps standards at the Prague ISO meeting.

Themen sind TMCL, TMQL und TMRM, ...

Topic Maps Lab provides Project Management ...

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


The Redmine project management web application will be used to aid standardization work on CTM, TMCL, TMQL and TM/DC

Themen sind TMCL und TMQL.

Topic Maps Lab at RailsWayCon

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


RailsWayCon, the European Ruby on Rails conference took place this week in Berlin. The …

Corpora browser of the Wortschatz project ...

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


With the Wortschatz project the NLP research group at the University of Leipzig – which the Topic Maps Lab is affiliated with – provides one of the …

Themen sind Ruby Topic Maps, ...

New MaJorToM Topic Map Store based on redis

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


Today we added a new backend to the powerful Topic Maps engine MaJorToM: the Redis Topic Map Store. Redis is an open source, advanced …

Themen sind Topic Maps Engine, ...

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Das Topic Maps Lab im Überblick



Gefördert durch das BMBF haben sich im Topic Maps Lab unter der Leitung von Dr. Lutz Maicher die Universität Leipzig (Prof. Dr. G. Heyer) und die …

Themen sind Michael Prilop, ...

Topic Maps Lab at ISO meeting in Prague

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Benjamin Bock and Hannes Niederhausen from the Topic Maps Lab work on the Topic Maps standards at the Prague ISO meeting.

Themen sind TMCL, TMQL und TMRM, ...

The Topic Maps Lab Team



Phase II of the Topic Maps Lab venture was started in Mai 2009. This is a list of its current and former members.

Themen sind Lutz Maicher, ...


Ruby Topic Maps



RTM is a Topic Maps Engine written in Ruby.

Zur Homepage von Ruby Topic Maps




The TMQL query engine for Ruby Topic Maps. See the "TMQL documentation":http://tmql.topicmapslab.de/ for more information about TMQL and TMQL4J.

Zur Homepage von rtm-tmql


Topic Maps Lab Community Portal



A new Topic Maps community portal, which based on Topic Maps technologies.

Zur Homepage von Topic Maps Lab ...




The tmql4j engine is the first Java-based engine processing the topic maps query language. The engine is designed as processing chain of independent ...

Zur Homepage von TMQL4J




Yacca is a social game. It is a virtual fan block for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Everything in Yacca revolves around the Yacca cards ...

Zur Homepage von yacca.me




ARNotations is a Ruby on Rails plugin to map any kind of ActiveRecord model to a Topic Map Fragment, providing the ability to expose them TMExplore ...

Zur Homepage von ARNotations




CouchTM is a TMAPI topic maps engine which uses the CouchDB as backend. CouchTM can be used like any other Java based topic maps engine. ...

Zur Homepage von CouchTM

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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 - Spring 2010 Meeting

Meeting vom {{start}} bis {{end}}


The spring meeting 2010 of the ISO standardization committee for the Topic Maps standards. The meeting will take place in Stockholm.

Zur Homepage von ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 ...

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 - Topic Maps Oslo 2010 ...

Meeting in Test Stadt vom {{start}} bis {{end}}


The spring meeting 2010 of the ISO standardization committee for the Topic Maps standards. The meeting will take place in Stockholm.

Zur Homepage von ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 ...

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TMRA 2008

Konferenz in Leipzig vom {{start}} bis {{end}}


TMRA 2008 will be the fourth event in the annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and Applications. TMRA is the advanced …

Zur Homepage von TMRA 2008

TMRA 2007

Konferenz in Leipzig vom {{start}} bis {{end}}


TMRA – the international conference series on Topic Maps Research and Applications – is a scientific and industrial forum whose main object is …

Zur Homepage von TMRA 2007

Topic Maps 2008

Konferenz vom {{start}} bis {{end}}


Zur Homepage von Topic Maps 2008


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As a former information scientist, I am fascinated since 1999 by the capabilities for building Topic Maps-based knowledge systems having the potential to augment human mind. One can model arbitrary knowledge organization systems, deal with semantic heterogeneity, collocate all facts about one subject in one logical place, and with TMQL have semantic retrieval on federated semantic networks. Therefore I expect bright prospects for business concepts building on the exchange of such knowledge snippets via semantic knowledge services.

Alexander Sigel
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab