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Ann Wrightson

Author of

Topic Maps and Knowledge Representation

by Ann Wrightson 


There has been a lot of excitement and speculation concerning the potential role of Topic Maps in Knowledge Management, and especially concerning …

What is a Topic Map Application (TMA)?

by Steven R. Newcomb, Patrick Durusau, ...  


This presentation is about the question what a Topic Map Application might be. Application is in that case defined as ’rules for applying the notion …

Preliminary working draft for Topic Map ...

by Ann Wrightson 


A preliminary draft for discussion; intended as a substantive discussion paper to table alongside a NWI proposal for ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34 at …

Topic Maps: Designing and modelling ...

by Ann Wrightson 


Because of their simplicity and uniformity, Topic Maps can be difficult to apply to complex problems in a structured manner. To alleviate this …

Seriously Capable Topic Maps

by Ann Wrightson 


Topic Maps are an emerging technology – and like most emerging technologies, it is difficult at this stage to foresee which applications of Topic …

Mitigating the vulnerabilities of Topic Maps

by Ann Wrightson 


The work presented in this late-breaking was inspired by two utterances at XML Europe (2002): “It is the responsibility of any topic-map-aware …

Some Semantics for Structured Documents, ...

by Ann Wrightson 


This paper presents an abstract model for meaningful communication between parts of a distributed system using structured documents. It is a first …


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Nowadays Topic Maps appears to be very suitable for being applied in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It provides a suitable model and mechanisms for depth indexing, classification and the implementation of FRBR, CIDOC-CRM or other conceptualizations.

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