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Author of

Topic Maps and Entity Authority Records: an ...

by Alison Stevenson and Jamie Norrish 


The implicit connections and cross-references between and within texts, which occur in all print collections, can be made explicit in a …

Topic Map Presentation Framework: An ...

by Alison Stevenson and Elizabeth Styron 


This paper will discuss some of the requirements for the successful online delivery of newspaper archive content to users and examine …

Going Beyond Google: Representation and ...

by Alison Stevenson, Jason Darwin, and Conal Tuohy 


Library collections include increasingly large amounts of digital material. Libraries are digitising parts of their collection to provide wider …

Ambient Findability and Structured ...

by Alison Stevenson, Jamie Norrish, ...  


University Libraries manage increasingly large collections of full text digital resources. These might be repositories of born digital …

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