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Alexander Mikhailian

Autor von

A case for XTM 3.0

von Rani Pinchuk, Alexander Mikhailian, ...  


Improvements to XTM 2.0 are suggested in this paper. First, a set of criteria is defined for evaluating those improvements. It is followed by the …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Automated Focus Extraction for Question ...

von Rani Pinchuk, Tiphaine Dalmas, ...  


This paper describes the first stage of question analysis in Question Answering over Topic Maps. It introduces the concepts of asking point and …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

Learning foci for question answering over ...

von Rani Pinchuk, Alexander Mikhailian, ...  


This paper introduces the concepts of asking point and expected answer type as variations of the question focus. They are of particular …


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Nowadays Topic Maps appears to be very suitable for being applied in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It provides a suitable model and mechanisms for depth indexing, classification and the implementation of FRBR, CIDOC-CRM or other conceptualizations.

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