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Aki Kivelä

Mr. Aki Kivelä is a co-founder of Grip Studios Interactive Oy and has been working as a software enterpreneuer for 12 years. Recently Kivelä has worked on large-scale internet publishing projects. He is a leader of the Wandora project and one of Wandora’s architects and developers. Kivelä holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki and a master’s degree in New Media from the Media Lab of University of Arts and Design Helsinki.

Author of

Topic Maps in the eHumanities

by Lutz Maicher, Kal Ahmed, Aki Kivelä, and Sam Oh, ...  


Topic Maps is a semantic technology for the integration of heterogeneous data and the convenient deployment of domain specific and semantically …

Was presented at 5th IEEE ....

Topic Map Aided Publishing – A Case Study ...

by Aki Kivelä and Olli Lyytinen 


Contemporary web publishing requires efficient technologies and tools to build and maintain large and dynamic sites. This paper introduces a Topic …

Publishing Large Collection of Artworks ...

by Aki Kivelä and Olli Lyytinen 


Our presentation introduces a real-life project where large collection of artworks and relevant knowledge were published in internet using topic …

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Collection of the Finnish National Gallery

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The Finnish National Gallery (FNG) is the largest art museum organization in Finland consisting of the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of ...

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