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A Framework for a Multidimensional OLAP ...

by Robert Bruckner, A Min Tjoa, and Tok Wang Ling 


The goal of a data warehouse is to integrate applications at the data level. Data warehouse architectures are developing in response to our …

Applications of topic maps in knowledge ...

by Thomas Luckeneder, Knud Steiner, ...  


This paper gives a short overview not only of the basic concepts of topic maps, but also of the advanced concepts. This document discusses a …

The Semantic Desktop: A Semantic Personal ...

by A Min Tjoa, Edgar R. Weippl, and Markus Klemen, ...  


Desktop search tools are becoming more popular; they allow full text searches using inverted indexes. Yet, the amount of locally stored data that …


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Topic Maps is the only formal semantic model which is optimized for humans, not for computers. Applications and web portals based on Topic Maps are easy to use, without limitations for flexibility and creativity.

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