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Topic Maps Lab provides Project Management infrastructur for ISO editors

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The Redmine project management web application will be used to aid standardization work on CTM, TMCL, TMQL and TM/DC

At the ISO meeting in Prague we observed that the SC34 WG3 mailing list is not ideal to follow the overall progress and collect the results of discussions and exchanging files. We found that a bug tracker and/or a Wiki may fit better the diversity of uses.

Therefore we set up projects in the project management software used by the Topic Maps Lab, called Redmine. Each project has several pages to give editors, committee members and other interested parties an overview of what’s going on and the easy possibility to take contribute. Furthermore it allows to formulate resolutions to issues and we (the Topic Maps Lab) are going to more actively take part in bringing forward the standardization work.

For now, the projects managed here are:

The key features of this solution are:

  • Overview: To be used for the elevators pitch on current work
  • Activity: Quickly see what happened recently (Issues, Files, News…), RSS feeds
  • Issues: Detailed discussion about specific stuff
  • News: For Progress documentation on a high level
  • Wiki: Working together on structured content
  • Files: Upload Presentations, … from/for the meetings
  • Repository: Direct access to the drafts, using the distributed version control system Mercurial so contributors can send patches.

Probably it’s best if the editor decides what current stuff to put in as issues and what not. New issues could be put into Redmine, we could set up that all activity in there gets posted to the mailing list – not sure if this a good way. One could also use the RSS feed. We still investigate the best way to do organize that. Comments are welcome.

We are aware that a software does not solve the problems itself but hopefully it lowers the barrier to get involved and informed.

In the top right corner of the web site you can register and we’ll activate your account and assign you to the projects.


Benjamin Bock



Benjamin ist Projektleiter von Ruby Topic Maps und rtm-tmql.



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TMCL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Constraint Language.


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TMQL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Query Language.


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