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Topic Maps Lab at the Ontopia Consolidation Meeting

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Arnim Bleier from the Topic Maps Lab participated in the Ontopia Consolidation Meeting meeting in Oslo

The Ontopia Knowledge Suite is one of the most widely used Topic Map Engines in industry. Bouvet has acquired Ontopia 2007, two years later Ontopia goes open source.
On Thursday the 28th Bouvet hosted a Consolidation Meeting to ensure that the project policies are in line with the interests of customers, partners, and contributors.
The Topic Maps Lab has sent Arnim Bleier to this meeting.

Covered issues included such as:

  • Appropriate and trustworthy licensing
  • Future project administration
  • Project web sides and tools for Users as well as Developers
  • Funding to secure the project independence

With participants from Asia, Europe and America as well as media coverage, from the Norwegian Computerworld and TU.NO, the meeting can be seen as a further successful step towards the broad availability of Topic Maps Tools.

“photo: Lars Marius Garshol”

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