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Spreadsheet Data Connector Released

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Today the Topic Maps Lab has released version 1.0 of the Spreadsheet Data Connector.

This project contains an abstract layer on top of the Apache POI library. This abstraction layer provides the Spreadsheet Query Language – eXql and additional method to access spreadsheets. The current version is designed to support the XLS and XLSX format of Microsoft© Excel® files.

The Spreadsheet Data Connector is well suited for all use cases where you have to access data in Excel sheets and you need a sophisticated language to address and query the data.

Currently the Spreadsheet Data Connector is used in our social topic maps explorer Maiana. In example the information for the topic places is extracted in runtime from an Excel® sheet by using the Spreadsheet Data Connector.

A download and the code is available as Open Source under the Apache Licence 2.0.

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Spreadsheet Data Connector

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The project provides an abstract layer on top of the Apache POI library (which allows to access spreadsheet data). The abstraction layer provides a ...

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