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MaJorToM server v. 1.0.0 released

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The MaJorToM server is a Spring application which provides a TMQL HTTP interface to query topic maps. The server is intended as back end for Topic Maps based applications.

Today the Topic Maps Lab has released the version 1.0.0 of the MaJorToM server. The server acts as TMQL endpoint for Topic Maps based applications. You can play around with an instance of the server here.

The sources of the MaJorToM server are available at Google code. In the installation instructions you will learn how you can build and deploy your own instances of the MaJorToM server. Once you have deployed the server for your own, you will have an administration interface and a TMQL interface. But the server is not only a TMQL endpoint for the data. It also provides full text search (based on Beru) and a SPARQL enpoint to the hosted topic maps.

With the next release Maiana will act as a frontend for topic maps delivered by remote MaJorToM server. Besides the Maiana integration the MaJorToM server is very well integrated with TM2O – the OData provider for Topic Maps.


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