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Maiana June Release

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The Maiana team released the June version of the Lab’s social Topic Maps explorer including RDF export of topics and editing of names.

A few days ago a new version of Maiana – the social Topic Maps explorer – went online. We proudly present the following new features:

  • RDF export: You can export any topic (like Puccini) as Data/N3 or RDF/XML. You’ll find the links to this feature in the export menu at the top left of each topic page. There, you may also start browsing the topic in the OpenLink Data Explorer and Zitgist.
  • Editing of names: This is an experimental feature that allows editing of topic names in your own non-virtual topic maps. These are maps created by using the “Upload” or “URL” options. Currently, the changes are not persisted and the owner may reload his/her map to roll back all changes.
  • TMQL: From now on you may run TMQL queries in “Container” and “Exploration” topic maps. For example try querying http://psi.ontopedia.net/Opera >> instances in the Operas topic map to get the Italian and Norwegian operas.
  • Statistics: The statistics page shows information about the number of topics, associations, names, occurrences … and about load duration and memory consumption.
  • Integrating Mappify: Mappify is a service which converts DBpedia and other RDF sources into Topic Maps. You can directly use Mappify URLs to create topic maps in the “URL” section. You can also use a Mappify URL as seed for “Exploration” maps: http://ws.mappify.org/wp/url/http%3A%2F%2Fdbpedia.org%2Fresource%2FTopic_Maps?out=ctm. This topic map was created using the URL. Most interesting in this map is, of course, the Topic Maps topic.

We’d be happy to get feedback and are interested in your ideas. From now on, you may also request features or report issues in our public issue tracker.

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Uta Schulze



Uta is project leader of Maiana. She is involved in Ruby Topic Maps, TMAPIX, and MaJorToM.

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