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Maiana Jan2010 release

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Besides a lot of minor fixes the Jan2010 release of Maiana provides you with some new core features, like export of maps and a TMQL modul.

The Topic Maps Lab is proud to announce the January 2010 Release of Maiana. What is Maiana? It is the first social Topic Maps explorer. It is a convenient service for hosting, browsing and sharing Topic Maps. Please have in mind: each map you upload to Maiana is private. You can can use the map for your own. And if you want to share your map with others you can invite friends or you simply put the map into the public.

Besides a lot of small fixes this release provides you some new core features in Maiana:

  • Query your maps with TMQL. Thanks to TMQL4J you can query all available maps with TMQL, according to the last draft. Try the minimal query http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puccini in the Opera Topic Map. Or get all composers with http://psi.ontopia.net/music/composer >> instances. To learn more about TMQL please have a look at the TMQL introduction from Sven Krosse.
  • Import maps in ctm. Besides xtm and ltm Maiana provides now the import of topic maps in ctm

Please support us with your feedback. Please join Maiana and drop your comments and bug reports into the “Something missing or not working?” box in the footer. In the meanwhile the Topic Maps Lab works on the next release of Maiana. Stay tuned!

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Maiana - Yet another generic topic maps browser? Yes, but it's social :) *What it is?* Maiana is the most efficient service to host, explore and ...

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Resellers can give their customers the opportunity to apply Web 3.0 technology to their web sites with topics maps-based searching, which is more suitable for single sites than Google-style navigation.

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