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Maiana February Release

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Today, the Maiana team released the first 2011 version of Maiana. After forgoing the January release because of open issues we are now presenting Maiana in a partly new design – including pagination and catchy boxes. Most important: Maiana switched to TMQL4J v. 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT supporting the draft of 2008.

  • New design: Check out our fresh new design to present data in a topic map (e.g. the Opera Topic Map). Do you like it? We also extended the ‘Overview’ box to summarize every action available to the topic map. Last but not least, we added pagination to avoid long load time and vertical scrolling.
  • New TMQL4J version: We now run on TMQL4J v. 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT (see TMQL4J 3.0.0 Release News for more information). Currently, only queries compliant to the TMQL draft of 2008 are supported.
  • Donating queries: TMQL and SPARQL queries which until now could only be used privately may now be set public. Thus enabling sharing of queries or simply promoting a interesting query result. An overview of queries may be found on the users corresponding profile page.
  • Syntax Highlighting of TMQL Queries: And because reading queries is difficult as it is we now use syntax highlighting displaying queries and even some autocompletion (try typing “FOR)
  • “More about this subject”: To enhance the browsing experience we now look up additional information whilst visiting a topic page. This expands our use of the Semantic Search to also show topics available in visible maps on Maiana and even providing similarity information (Opera).
  • Maiana Search Provider: Do you like using your browsers search field? Try adding Maiana as a search provider and find more, faster!

Maiana will be presented at CeBIT 2011, Hall 5, Stand E02!

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Uta Schulze



Uta is project leader of Maiana. She is involved in Ruby Topic Maps, TMAPIX, and MaJorToM.

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