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Maiana August Release

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We’d like to present the new features of the Lab’s social Topic Maps explorer Maiana: using MaJorToM as Topic Maps engine, the history functionality, the SPARQL query engine, the API and so much more.

The Maiana team proudly presents a new version of Maiana including the following features:

  • MaJorToM: Since a few weeks ago, Maiana is using MaJorToM as the underlying Topic Maps engine. This change concerns all “Upload” and “URL” maps. As a start, these maps offer the history functionality that MaJorToM implements (see below for more information).
  • History of changes in a topic map: From now on, changes like creating a topic, updating a name or occurrence… may be monitored in the “History” tab of a topic map. This is accomplished through MaJorToMs revision index.
  • About page: This page gives credit to all libraries Maiana benefits from.
  • Policy: a map may be queried if the downloadable flag is set. The owner of a map may change this privacy setting in the “Settings” tab of the topic map.
  • Query maps with SPARQL: Next to TMQL4J as TMQL query engine we now offer an implementation of a SPARQL query engine. By the way, the query may be given as parameter, also (help). Feedback is very welcome.
  • Saving TMQL queries: Writing queries is time consuming. So, try saving them before executing them :). You need to be logged in to make use of this feature.
  • TMQL Tutorials: Also, if you are interested in TMQL you should have a look at our TMQL tutorial that consists of several parts. Again, you’ll find the link in the TMQL tab of every downloadable Maiana map, for example in the Opera Topic Map.
  • Editing of occurrences: Next to name values, the owner of an “Upload” or “URL” map may edit occurrence values. Please be aware that Maiana still runs in-memory and that changes are reverted on server restart. The owner may also reload her topic map.
  • Mappify: “URL” maps are accepting Wikipedia and DBpedia URLs from now on and are using Mappify to download the topic map source file.
  • XTM 2.1 Export: The TMAPIX 0.4.0-Snapshot enables Maiana to offer exporting a topic map as xtm version 2.1. If a map is set as downloadable you’ll find this feature in the “map download” tab.
  • Maiana’s API: The API enables programs to communicate with Maiana using the API key that was waiting in the profile of each user to fulfill its purpose. For now, “URL” maps may be created, updated, listed, downloaded and removed and TMQL may be executed. Additionally, update statements to update a map with TMQL are allowed for the owner of the map. See the Maiana (public) wiki for more information.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to write us.

Authors of this document are

Uta Schulze



Uta is project leader of Maiana. She is involved in Ruby Topic Maps, TMAPIX, and MaJorToM.

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TMQL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Query Language.


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