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Maiana April Release

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Today the Maiana team released the April2010 version of the social topic maps browser Maiana. The number of features has increased rapidly in the past months, so this release mainly consists of bug fixes. As “Schmankerl” (Bavarian for delicacy) we introduced the so-called MeMap.

It is time to pay Maiana a visit again! The Maiana developers invested time to improve the performance and quality of your experience. Many annoying bugs were fixed and we added a new feature to play around with – the MeMap (example).

Each user’s initial map is a so-called MeMap which collects all public available information about this user and reveals it as a topic map. As default, this map is private but of course the owner may set it public. You could include other MeMaps in a container (introduced in our last release) to merge and interlink user data and answer questions as: “Are there users living in Leipzig?” or “What statements do the users give about themselves?”

Have fun at Maiana and stay tuned for future developments!

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Uta Schulze



Uta is project leader of Maiana. She is involved in Ruby Topic Maps, TMAPIX, and MaJorToM.

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