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Explore the PSIs in the Lab's portal

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Usually the PSIs work silently and invisible in the background of each Topic Maps portal. From today the portal of the Topic Maps Lab brings the PSIs to light. You can start to explore them and you can get more information about the used identifiers in the subj3ct.com registry.

Usually the PSIs (published subject identifiers) work silently and invisible in the background of a Topic Maps portal.

To get more in touch withe the subject identifiers in the portal we decided to make them touchable in the Topic Maps Lab portal. At each individual page, like the the page for the TMRA 2009 site, you get a Ψ at the right top corner. Simply click at this PSI and you will get more information about the subject identifiers behind.

Since several weeks we started to feed subj3ct.com with our subject identifiers. Wherever the Topic Maps Lab PSIs are subscribed to this registry, like the individual page of Inge Henriksen, you will get a link to explore more details at subj3ct.com.


Subject Identifier (TMDM)

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According to the TMDM, a subject identifier is a locator that refers to a "subject …


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Inge Henriksen
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

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