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Download the Onotoa handbook

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We have published the Onotoa handbook for download. If you want a free hard copy, please drop us a note.

Onotoa is the Eclipse-based ontology editor for Topic Maps. It has a graphical UML-like interface, an export function for the current TMCL-draft and a XTM export described here. In the latest version Onotoa provides you with a “business view” mode for your schemas. This features supports you in the communication with your customers: you will concentrate on sketching the customers domain – not on explaining any TMCL details.

To get started with Onotoa the Onotoa handbook is very helpful. You can download the current version of the handbook here.

There are also free hard copies of the Onotoa handbook available. If you like to have one of these copies, please drop us a note. We will send the handbook to you for free.

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Onotoa - Eclipse based TMCL editor

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Onotoa is an eclipse based ontology editor for Topic Maps. It has a graphical UML-like interface and a export function for the current TMCL-draft ...

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TMCL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Constraint Language.


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