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The TMRA 2009 web site is up

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The fifth TMRA conference will be held in Leipzig on November 11-13. The web site and call for papers are now posted. The motto of TMRA 2009 will be “Linked Topic Maps”.

A web of globally linked topic maps is behind the Vision of a Topic Maps World that Graham Moore presented at the Topic Maps Norway 2009 conference in Oslo this spring. Linked Topic Maps is the first step on the way to global federated knowledge exchange. It’s about PSIs connecting different topics in different topic maps together. It’s about using protocols like SDShare, and the exchange of Topic Maps fragments. Linked Topic Maps will enable crawlers to walk through a globally interlinked web of topic maps.

The social graph and geo-spatial information globally link topic maps across all domains. And why not linking topic maps with real world objects, stepping into the web of things? And what about walking through topic maps in augmented realities, to link the real life experience with the web of data?

But Linked Topic Maps is also about the semantic integration of heterogeneous sources of structured and unstructured data, based on the integration model provided by Topic Maps. To meet the challenge of exploiting the merging facilities at global scale advanced approaches are needed.

The goal of the TMRA 2009 conference is bringing together all the ideas, concepts and implementations which will help to make true the vision of a web of linked topic maps for global knowledge federation.

You are invited to contribute a full or short paper, a presentation, a demonstration, or a poster to TMRA 2009. The submission deadline is July 15, 2009.

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Call for Contributions TMRA 2009 will be the fifth event in the annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and …

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