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Make your hands dirty with TMQL4J in the omnigator

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The Topic Maps Lab has implemented the 2008 TMQL draft from Barta and Garshol. To play around with this TMQL proposal we have added it to the omnigator.

Sven Krosse from the Topic Maps Lab has implemented the 2008 TMQL draft edited by Robert Barta and Lars Marius Garshol. Now TMQL4J was added to the Omnigator to allow you to make your hands dirty with TMQL. Go to the Lab’s Omnigator installation and open the ItalianOpera.ltm file. Follow the “Generic query” tab and switch to the TMQL mode. Now you can start to get your own experiences with TMQL as it was proposed in the latest draft. For your convenience some example queries are prepared. Please be aware that the current implementation is far from being optimized but you get a very good impression of the look and feel of the TMQL draft.

If you want to learn more about the implementation we recommend Sven Krosses Master thesis “Konzeption, Implementierung und Evaluierung eines TMQL-Parsers und Interpreters” as reading (in German, see below). Or join the poster session of the TMRA conference and speak directly to Sven.

Update 2009-12-18 We have now added tmql4j v. 2.1.0 und tmql4ontopia v. 1.0.0
to the Ontopia installation at ontopia.topicmapslab.de. When processing your tmql queries now you can experience the significant performance boost the new versions delivered.

Subject Matter

Konzeption, Implementierung und Evaluierung ...

by Sven Krosse 


Mit der Entwicklung im Rahmen des Web 2.0. gewann die Datenmodellierungstechnik Topic Maps zunehmend an Bedeutung als Informationsbasis, für …


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The tmql4j engine is the first Java-based engine processing the topic maps query language. The engine is designed as processing chain of independent ...

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TMQL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Query Language.


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