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Topic Maps Engine

A Topic Maps engine is a system based on the Topic Map ISO standard exposing a TMAPI compatible interface for running Topic Map applications.

Associated Topics

Topic Maps Lab at the Ontopia Consolidation ...

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Arnim Bleier from the Topic Maps Lab participated in the Ontopia Consolidation Meeting meeting in Oslo

Is about Topic Maps Engine and Ontopia.

Topic Maps Lab committed TMAPI 2.0 support ...

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With Hannes Niederhausen, the developer of the TMCL editor Onotoa, the Topic Maps Lab delegated its first official committer to the Ontopia project. …

Is about Topic Maps Engine.

New MaJorToM Topic Map Store based on redis

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Today we added a new backend to the powerful Topic Maps engine MaJorToM: the Redis Topic Map Store. Redis is an open source, advanced …

Is about Topic Maps Engine, ...

Perl XTM Engine (superseeded by PerlTM)

is a {{project}}.


Perl XTM Engine is superseeded by "PerlTM":/projects/PerlTM ! perl-tm isa cpan-package http://search.cpan.org/dist/TM/ ! Perl ...

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Ruby Topic Maps

is a {{project}}.


RTM is a Topic Maps Engine written in Ruby.

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is a {{project}}.


Visit homepage of TM++


is a {{project}}.


Visit homepage of TMCore


is a {{project}}.


To introduce the Topic Maps technology to the .NET world, the goal of this project is a small and extensible Topic Maps engine based on the ...

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AION Topic Maps (AToM)

is a {{project}}.


AION Topic Maps is a Topic Maps engine written under sql2008/linq, which is currently in very pre-pre-alpha stages.

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is a {{project}}.


TM2JDBC is a implementation of the TopicMaps API (TMAPI 2.0). It is a fast, production-grade Topic Maps engine with a small dependency footprint. ...

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is a {{project}}.


GooseWorks developed open source software that should facilitate the widespread adoption of the topic maps paradigm, especially as specified in the ...

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just topical

is a {{project}}.


It is a small, embeddable and cute Topic Maps engine for PHP. Just topical is a single class for embedding Topic Maps into any PHP project or page. ...

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is a {{project}}.


SesameTM is a Topic Maps engine which uses a triple store as backend. It is a full featured implementation of the "TMAPI ...

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is a {{project}}.


TM4Jscript is an open-source Topic Maps engine written entirely in JavaScript, and hence supported by a host of browsers out there. It includes JTMA ...

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Ontopia Consolidating Meeting

Meeting in Oslo at {{start}}


The purpose of the consolidating meeting is to allow interested parties to influence the Ontopia open source project before it is started, to ensure …

Visit homepage of Ontopia ...


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As a former information scientist, I am fascinated since 1999 by the capabilities for building Topic Maps-based knowledge systems having the potential to augment human mind. One can model arbitrary knowledge organization systems, deal with semantic heterogeneity, collocate all facts about one subject in one logical place, and with TMQL have semantic retrieval on federated semantic networks. Therefore I expect bright prospects for business concepts building on the exchange of such knowledge snippets via semantic knowledge services.

Alexander Sigel
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab