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TMDM is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Data Model.
You will find a compact illustration of all relationships within the TMDM here.

Associated Topics

Topic Maps — Data Model  

Edited by Lars Marius Garshol and Graham Moore.


This part of ISO/IEC13250 specifies a data model of Topic Maps. It defines the abstract structure of Topic Maps, using the information set formalism, and to some extent their …

Was ist Topic Maps?

by Lutz Maicher


Topic Maps ist der internationale Industriestandard für die semantische Informationsrepräsentation und -integration (IS0 13250).

Is about TMDM.

Explaining Topic Maps

by Trond K. Pettersen


Prior to writing this entry, I was victim of a person asserting that Topic Maps is an XML based standard. It’s not!

Is about TMDM and XTM.

The differences between subject ...

by Lars Heuer


This article describes the differences between subject identifiers, item identifiers, and subject locators in the TMDM.

Is about TMDM.

Topic Maps — Compact Syntax (CTM, ISO ... 

Edited by Dmitry Bogachev, Gabriel Hopmans, ... .


CTM (Compact Topic Maps) is a text-based notation for representing topic maps.

Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM) in a nutshell

by Marcel Hoyer


A very compact illustration of all relationships within the TMDM.

Is about TMDM and TMAPI - Common.. .

Topic Maps in ‘Not working on the web ...

by Graham Moore 


In this presentation Graham Moore (NetworkedPlanet, Oxford) discusses the problem that the TMDM has no way to reliably expose a web address for a …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Temporal Qualification in Topic Maps

by Christoph Teichmann and Lutz Maicher 


This paper will introduce a number of predefined elements for the topic maps data model. The paper will start with a short introduction of the level …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Modeling Names

by Xuân Baldauf 


This paper argues that the hierarchy between topic name items and variant items of the TMDM resembles a hierarchy between names and particular …

FreeTM: a web-based topic map tool

by Anastasia Papastergiou, Panayiotis Tzekis, ...  


The aim of this work is to present the architecture and functionalities of Free-TM, a web-based tool for creating, managing and sharing topic maps. …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

H-Maps: An Efficient Approach for Graphical ...

by Markus Leber, Thilo Klöpfer, ...  


Nowadays semantic networks become more important in industry and modern science. For this reason there is a need for an efficient tool allowing …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Subj3ct – A Subject Identity Resolution ...

by Kal Ahmed and Graham Moore 


Subj3ct is an online service that provides a resolution capability between identifiers for subjects and the web addresses of encoded statements …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Semantic Integration of Relational Data ...

by Thomas Neidhart and Rani Pinchuk 


Data integration of heterogeneous data sources plays a major role in the development of modern knowledge management systems. Additional enrichment …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Isidor-UI: Generating a User Interface with ...

by Christoph Ludwig, Marc Wilhelm Küster, ...  


By now Open Source Topic Engines exist in abundance { TM4J and OKS for Java, RTM for Ruby, Mappa for Python, Topincs for PHP, Isidorus for Common …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Report From the Open Space Sessions of TMRA ...

by Lars Marius Garshol and Lutz Maicher 


This is a summary of the presentations made in the two open space sessions at the TMRA 2008 conference. The open space sessions were free-form …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Topic maps constraint languages: ...

by Giovani Rubert Librelotto, ...  


Topic map constraint language (TMCL) provides a means to express constraints on topic maps conforming to ISO/IEC 13250. In this article, we …

Topic Maps run from XML and is coming back ...

by Benjamin Bock, Sven Krosse, and Lutz Maicher 


In its history, Topic Maps developed from a syntax-based standard to a pure data model without any syntax defined within its core data model. The …

Topic Maps Data Model --- (Final Draft 2004)

by Lars Marius Garshol and Graham Moore 


This part of ISO/IEC 13250 specifies a data model for topic maps. It defines the abstract structure of topic maps, using the information set …

Topic-Maps-Middleware. Modellgetriebene ...

by Benjamin Bock 


THIS THESIS IS IN GERMAN! Since its inception, the Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM) is the foundation for the development of Topic Maps engines. A …

A TMDM Disclosure Using T+

by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer 


Both the more pragmatic Topic Map data model (TMDM) and the more fundamental Topic Map Reference Model (TMRM), have reached now a certain degree of …

Was presented at TMRA 2005.

Multiple Subject Map Patterns for ...

by Steven R. Newcomb and Patrick Durusau 


Open source implementations of Subject Map Patterns (SMPs, also sometimes called “Topic Map Applications (TMAs)”) for relationship proxies are …

Topic Maps Data Model (2008)

by Lars Marius Garshol and Graham Moore 


This part of ISO/IEC13250 specifies a data model of Topic Maps. It defines the abstract structure of Topic Maps, using the information set …

Towards a second generation Topic Maps ...

by Xuân Baldauf and Robert Amor 


The core of the second generation Topic Maps standards (TMDM, XTM2.0) has been finalized, yet the uptake is still slow. In this paper, we highlight …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

An OWL DL construction for the ISO Topic ...

by Anne Cregan 


Both Topic Maps and the W3C Semantic Web technologies are meta-level semantic maps describing relationships between information resources. Previous …

Topic Maps Data Modell (2006)

by Michel Biezunski, Steven R. Newcomb, ...  


This part of ISO/IEC13250 specifies a data model of Topic Maps. It defines the abstract structure of Topic Maps, using the information set …

What is Topic Maps, and Standards, Case ...

by Motomu Naito and Michihiko Setogawa 


Many Topic Maps have already been created and more and more Topic Maps has been creating all over the world. Many case examples and researches are …

Was presented at Asian Topic Maps ....


is a {{project}}.


SesameTM is a Topic Maps engine which uses a triple store as backend. It is a full featured implementation of the "TMAPI ...

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is a {{project}}.


Nikunau is a Sesame Sail implementation to enable a RDF view on the ISO/IEC 13250 Topic Maps standard. It supports TMAPI 2.0 compatible engines as ...

Visit homepage of Nikunau

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