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TMCL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Constraint Language.

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Topic Maps — Constraint Language (TMCL, ... 

Edited by Graham Moore and Dmitry Bogachev.


The Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL) is a language for defining schemas and constraints on topic map models.

Topic Maps Lab at ISO meeting in Prague

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Benjamin Bock and Hannes Niederhausen from the Topic Maps Lab work on the Topic Maps standards at the Prague ISO meeting.

Is about TMCL, TMQL, and TMRM, ...

Topic Maps Lab provides Project Management ...

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The Redmine project management web application will be used to aid standardization work on CTM, TMCL, TMQL and TM/DC

Is about TMCL and TMQL.

Onotoa 1.1.0 released

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A new version of Onotoa was released. With version 1.1.0 a lot of bugs were fixed. There are also interesting new features, see …

Is about TMCL and Onotoa - Eclipse.. .

New Release: Onotoa 1.1.1

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The Topic Maps Lab proudly presents a new version of Onotoa.

Is about TMCL.

Download the Onotoa handbook

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We have published the Onotoa handbook for download. If you want a free hard copy, please drop us a note.

Is about TMCL and Onotoa - Eclipse.. .

TMCL validator in Java now open source ...

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The TMCL validator checks a TMAPI topic map against a TMCL schema and returns a list of invalid constructs. We have released our implementation of a …

Is about TMCL and TMCL validator.

Maiana-Hatana release

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Maiana, the Lab’s Topic Map browser, was presented at Topic Maps 2010 in Oslo last week. Simultaneously we released a new version of the portal …

Is about TMCL, Uta Schulze, and Maiana, ...

Topic maps constraint languages: ...

by Giovani Rubert Librelotto, ...  


Topic map constraint language (TMCL) provides a means to express constraints on topic maps conforming to ISO/IEC 13250. In this article, we …

Isidor-UI: Generating a User Interface with ...

by Christoph Ludwig, Marc Wilhelm Küster, ...  


By now Open Source Topic Engines exist in abundance { TM4J and OKS for Java, RTM for Ruby, Mappa for Python, Topincs for PHP, Isidorus for Common …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Onotoa. TMCL-basierter grafischer ...

by Hannes Niederhausen 


Diese Arbeit analysiert den aktuellen Entwurfs des Standards der TMCL. Es werden die Schemaelemente vorgestellt. Auf Basis dieser Analyse wurde ein …

Constraining topic maps: A TMCL declarative ...

by José Carlos Ramalho, ...  


This paper describes the design of an XML language to formally specify constraints over Topic Maps (XTche). This language allows to express …

Topic Maps run from XML and is coming back ...

by Benjamin Bock, Sven Krosse, and Lutz Maicher 


In its history, Topic Maps developed from a syntax-based standard to a pure data model without any syntax defined within its core data model. The …

Requirements for a Topic Map Constraint ...

by Graham Moore and Mary Nishikawa 


Topic Map Constraint Language (TMCL) will provide a means to express constraints on classes of topic maps conforming to ISO/IEC 13250:2000; these …

Topic Map Constraint Language

by Graham Moore, Mary Nishikawa, ...  


TMCL is designed to allow users to constrain any aspect of the topic map data model. TMCL adopts TMQL as a means to express both the topic map …

Topic Map and Its Application to Document ...

by Haiyan Tian, Jiangning Wu, and Guangfei Yang 


As computer and network technologies develop, information on line becomes flooded. Under this condition searching requested documents is really a …

Meeting Notes on FCD 19756, Information ...

by Lars Marius Garshol 


This presentation deals with some open issues on the Topic Maps Contraint Language (TMCL)

Topic Maps Constraint Language -- Final ...

by Graham Moore and Dmitry Bogachev 


TMCL is a constraint language for Topic Maps, allowing definitions of Topic Maps ontologies and vocabularies to be written in a precise and …

TMCL – Topic Maps Constraint Language

by Graham Moore 


This presentation is giving an overview on TMCL, presenting the requirements, the key concepts and paradigms, and shows schema and rule of the Topic …

Topic Map Constraint Language (TMCL). ...

by Mary Nishikawa 


TMCL will provide a means to express constraints on classes of topic maps conforming to the Data Model for ISO/IEC 13250:2002 Topic Maps. Its goal …


by Lars Marius Garshol 


This paper compares the Topic Maps schema language TMCL with the corresponding RDF technologies RDFS/OWL, and describes the first method for …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

The Ontopia Schema Language

by Lars Marius Garshol 


This document provides a tutorial introduction to The Ontopia Schema Language, suitable for learning the language. For detailed information about …

Onotoa - Eclipse based TMCL editor

is a {{project}}.


Onotoa is an eclipse based ontology editor for Topic Maps. It has a graphical UML-like interface and a export function for the current TMCL-draft ...

Visit homepage of Onotoa - Eclipse ...

NPCL Schema Editor for Visual Studio 2008

is a {{project}}.


The NPCL Schema Editor is a graphical editor that runs inside Visual Studio and provides developers with a drag-and-drop interface for creating ...

Visit homepage of NPCL Schema Editor ...

TMCL validator

is a {{project}}.


The Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL, ISO 19756) is a language defined to specify constraints and schemas for topic maps. The TMCL validator ...

Visit homepage of TMCL validator

Genny - Generic Topic Maps Editor SDK

is a {{project}}.


With Genny it is possible to create a topic map editor based on a TMCL schema. The editor uses "Aranuka":http://code.google.com/p/aranuka to store ...

Visit homepage of Genny - Generic ...


is a {{project}}.


Schemafit is a generic tool which extracts from an "unknown" topic map a fitting TMCL schema.

Visit homepage of schemafit

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 - Topic Maps Oslo 2010 ...

Meeting in Oslo from {{start}} to {{end}}


The spring meeting 2010 of the ISO standardization committee for the Topic Maps standards. The meeting will take place in Stockholm.

Visit homepage of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 ...


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