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CTM is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Compact Syntax. CTM is defined by ISO 13250-6, that is, part 6 of the Topic Maps standard. It’s a textual notation to describe topic maps.

Associated Topics

Topic Maps — Compact Syntax (CTM, ISO ... 

Edited by Dmitry Bogachev, Gabriel Hopmans, ... .


CTM (Compact Topic Maps) is a text-based notation for representing topic maps.

CTM writer implementation now open source ...

Published by {{by}} on {{at}}.


The CTM writer provides you an engine independent mean for creating CTM exports of your topic maps. We have released the production-ready CTM writer …

Is about CTM and CTM writer.

Modeling Names

by Xuân Baldauf 


This paper argues that the hierarchy between topic name items and variant items of the TMDM resembles a hierarchy between names and particular …

Tolog Updates

by Lars Marius Garshol 


This paper presents a proposal for a Topic Maps query update language, an extension to the already existing tolog query language, partly based on …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Semantic Integration of Relational Data ...

by Thomas Neidhart and Rani Pinchuk 


Data integration of heterogeneous data sources plays a major role in the development of modern knowledge management systems. Additional enrichment …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

JRuby Topic Maps

by Arnim Bleier, Benjamin Bock, and Uta Schulze, ...  


The Topic Maps Application Programming Interface (TMAPI) provides a standardized way for working with Topic Maps, but only in Java. TMAPI

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Report From the Open Space Sessions of TMRA ...

by Lars Marius Garshol and Lutz Maicher 


This is a summary of the presentations made in the two open space sessions at the TMRA 2008 conference. The open space sessions were free-form …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Topic Maps - Compact Syntax

by Dmitry Bogachev, Lars Heuer, ...  


CTM (Compact Topic Maps) is a text-based notation for representing topic maps. It provides a simple, lightweight notation that complements the …

CTM - Use Cases (2006)

by Lars Heuer 


This document provides use cases for the Compact Syntax for Topic Maps (CTM). These use cases should provide criteria to evaluate the existing …

NP for Compact Topic Maps Syntax

by Sam Oh 


There is a need for a text-based notation for representing topic maps as defined in ISO/IEC 13250:2003. Such a notation would complement the …

Compact syntax for Topic Maps (CTM)

by Gabriel Hopmans and Sam Oh 


This presentation wants to initiate a discussion about the needs and requirements for the Topic Maps Compact Syntax. An Introduction about the needs …

CTM Use Cases (2005)

by Sam Oh 


This document is a working draft to collect potential use cases and usage scenarios for a Compact Syntax for Topic Maps (CTM).

CTM Meeting Notes

by Sam Oh 


This presentation collects the meeting notes on Topic Maps Compact Syntax (CTM) made during a meeting in Atlanta in November 2005.

CTM writer

is a {{project}}.


This implementation of a CTM Writer provides the core functionality of exporting every topic map to CTM. The main benefits of the CTM writer ...

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is a {{project}}.


A Perl script to convert the CVS export of the "Norwegian Red List 2006":http://www.biodiversity.no/ThemePage.aspx?m=147&amid=2310 into a topic map. ...

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