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Data repositories in environmental sciences – concepts, definitions, technical solutions and user requirements

Meeting (2011-03-01 - 2011-03-01)


Quality proofed research data build the foundation for scientific knowledge gain. Although billions of Euros are spent annually in Germany alone to acquire data only a fraction are accessible over time and are re-used in further contexts. The Alliance of German Science Organisations acknowledges this problem and pools activities for their solutions. Interdisciplinary research project repositories are at the intersection of data collection in the field, work-in-progress-storage, and long-term archiving. Against this background the workshop explores required standards of data capture, data curation and interchange with respect to technical and social issues, and addresses
challenges in long-term archiving in a national and international framework.

The aim is to bring together the community of project database manager, standards developer, information scientists, librarians, and funding agencies. As results, we anticipate a better communication between the many disciplines, an overview of the current state of the art and a roadmap for future activities.

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Daniel Seifarth



Daniel is involved in Maiana, MaJorToM Server, and befdata. He was keynote speaker on Data repositories in.. .


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Nowadays Topic Maps appears to be very suitable for being applied in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It provides a suitable model and mechanisms for depth indexing, classification and the implementation of FRBR, CIDOC-CRM or other conceptualizations.

Liliana Melgar
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