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Tutorials for AJAX Topic Map application

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Two flash tutorials introducing the AJAX Topic Map application.

The following video describes how to use the application to display Topic Maps produced automatically out of the German Wikipedia. Therefore, we show how to make use of the autocomplete functionality of the search field and how to send a request to the underlying Topic Map engine (which is producing XTM 1.0 Topic Maps out of Wikipedia articles). This Topic Map is displayed by the application. Finally, the usage of the Drag & Drop functionality and the association filter, which is able to hide parts of the displayed Topic Map, is explained.

The application is also capable of displaying locally saved Topic Maps in XTM 1.0 serialization. To do so, we show how to upload your Topic Map to make it accessible for browsing. Afterwards, the usage of the search field to find a topic in an uploaded Topic Map is shown in the following video. Demonstrations of the Drag & Drop function and how additional information on a specific topic is faded in conclude the tutorial.


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AJAX Topic Map



AJAX Topic Map is an application designed to visualize Topic Maps in any webbrowser without the use of plugins. Get AJAX Topic Maps "here at ...

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